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The Passenger (voyeur, masturbation, exhibition)
By JoeZaq

I walk down the corridor to 6E and open the door. The berth consists of two padded bench seats facing each other, storage racks up top, and a nice sized window for viewing the lush Countryside. There is enough room for four people to sit comfortably. I wondered how many other passengers are assigned to the same berth.

This is my first trip to Europe, and I am as giddy as a schoolboy.

After stowing my bags I settle down and make myself comfortable. The first leg of the early morning trip is wonderful. I watch mile after mile of rolling hills pass by my window. It is fun to watch people starting their day along the way. It all looks so peaceful. With difficulty, I finally pull my eyes away from the window to finish reading the gripping novel I started on the flight. I remain blissfully buried in my book until we reach the first stop.

Just as the train starts to pull out of the station SHE enters the berth. I look up from my book and say "hello" to a very attractive dark haired lady wearing sunglasses. She glances my way, but says

It is not possible to read anything in her response. Is she friendly, aloof, shy,.... who knows? Maybe she does not speak English. However, it seems like her glance lingers unusually long, almost like she is making an evaluation of me.

As she turns to place her bag up on the rack, I get a glimpse of her incredibly lovely legs. Her thin ankles are a contrast to her full calves. She must be athletic. Even the backs of her knees have muscular dimples. Maybe she is a swimmer. As she reaches up, I admire her toned thighs as her skirt rises eight inches above her knees. She is wearing dark stockings, which are almost the same color as her gray skirt. Her behind is taut and her waist is wasp tiny.

She is an absolute vision of youth and beauty!

She turns to sit and I immediately go back to my book. Surely she did not see me looking at her legs, but I am embarrassed anyway. It is not proper for me to be looking at her like that. After all, I must be quite older than she.

I wonder how much older? My look at her face was all too brief. Is she a young looking 27-year-old woman, or perhaps a mature looking 17-year-old girl? What an intriguing question. I find that I am completely focused on this issue as I pretend to read. My visual cortex is in high gear but it produces no conclusive evidence either way.

Her clothing is a bit more      more swingers stories
Voyeurisms 101 - Wife gets a new take on wild
VOYEURISM 101 ? by Lovesqueeze

Copyright © 2005

This is an original work and as such is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. Please do not duplicate, copy, print, distribute or exchange this piece without the expressed written permission of the author.

I received an education when my husband and I began dating that has taken me and our sexual relationship to a different level and knocked out some old myths for me. I enjoyed watching X-rated movies with him and thoroughly enjoyed the rewards afterwards and I have a few toys in my collection that get occasional use, but had no idea of the adventure I was about to encounter. I had always thought of myself as being a little on the wild side, but I have since figured out my idea of wild was really pretty tame, compared to what I have seen and done since we started dating. We had had many discussions about our fantasies and he wanted to give me the opportunity to explore some of them and see what would happen. He had always been a fan of the area strip clubs, and he wanted to take me out to one, so I could see what they were like.

There are no clubs in the area we live in, so after discussing it several times we decided to go to a club across the state line. The first time we went, we didn?t even make into the parking lot ? I couldn?t do it (so much for the wild me). The second time the subject came up (a few months later), I made a vow to myself to throw caution to the wind and make it through the door of the club, although I had no clue what to expect and I was nervous. The club that we went to was more a bar and movie theater than a dance club, but if there was an itch to satisfy, it could probably be accomplished there. There were 4 movie theaters (1 for couples [locked entry, you had to have a key to get in], 2 co-ed, and 1 gay male), a bar area with about 10 tables, and 1 pool table. The ?dance floor? was off the back of the pool room.

We started off in the bar and got a drink and went first into one of the co-ed theaters. Not much was happening there, so we moved to the theater for Couples. When he unlocked the door, I was a little shocked by what I saw and heard. The walls of the room were lined with couches, and some in the middle of the room. On every couch, there were one or two couples engaged in various sexual activities, and you could      more swingers stories
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